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Our Outstanding results make us the 1st choice for chiropractic care in the Phoenix, AZ.


I started to come to Maryvale Chiropractic because I had low back pain. Since I started coming to Dr. Sembaluk my wellbeing has improved. I don't feel so tired, because I am now able to sleep a lot better. I am now able to fall asleep right away. I no longer stay up with low back pain until 3 or 6 a.m. Thank you Dr. Sembaluk!


I used to have sharp pain running down my arms and I didn't know that it could be caused by the nerves being pinched coming out of my neck. When I saw my x-rays I got so impressed. I couldn't make any movement with my arms and my neck hurt every time I turn, I couldn't do the cleaning of my house without complaining tor having pain. I could neither sleep nor move fast.

When Dr. Todd worked with neck my pain decreased by the second week and it completely disappeared in the very first month. I trust Dr. Todd, thank to him I was able to go back to my normal life and I get to enjoy it even more and now I sleep like a baby!



I came to Dr. Todd's office after a truck T-Boned my Jeep. I had neck and back injuries. Dr. Todd had me up and back to work in no time. Then I got rear ended by another truck. My injuries were more intense. After about 17 sessions 1 still had pain in my back. I was getting discouraged.

The doctor explained that my injuries would take time and a few more weeks of adjustments to heal. He was right! I feel great now and I don't wake up with pain anymore. Thanks Dr. Todd and staff you'll always be on my referral list.



I started treatment with Dr. Todd because I was in a car accident. I was in a lot of pain. My neck hurt and I had really bad headaches. When I first started my treatment I wasn't able to move, bend or work. Now I'm moving normally and I have been able to sleep better with less tossing and turning.

My energy has also increased quite a bit ever since I started getting adjusted. Chiropractic treatments have also helped me understand more about how the body works and what happens to it when injuries occur.



I came to Dr. Todd's office with a lot of neck pain, low back pain and headaches, due to a fall I had. Now I can walk better, sit up longer, sleep better and my energy has increased. Prior to coming in I was taking Anacin 1-2 daily and Tylenol arthritis every night. Now I have better outlook on things, thanks to the pleasant and helpful treatments with Dr. Todd and his staff.



After my car accident, I came to Dr. Todd with a lot of neck pain. In three short months I am completely pain free. In addition the sciatic pain I suffered for ten years is gone. My chronic weekly migraines are less frequent and less severe as Dr. Todd has accomplished in three months what my former chiropractor worked on unsuccessfully in four years.



I started coming in for treatments with Dr. Todd because I hurt myself at work. I had severe upper and lower back pain. I wasn’t able to work my regular hours without pain. Now I'm able to work my full-time job, I sleep a lot better, and my energy has really increased! Thank you Dr. Todd!



When I first came to this office I suffered form back pain, neck pain and headaches. I couldn't turn my head or sleep at night. Now after being treated I can sleep better and my energy has increased.

I was taking Ibuprofen 800mg. Now I don't need them anymore. I'm able to go for a walk with my son, take my dog out and enjoy it. Now I have energy to enjoy my family!



I came to the office due to a severe car accident. I suffered a lot of neck and back pain. I wasn't able to play golf without pain. I also had trouble sleeping. Now I'm able to play golf without pain. I feel more relaxed and able to sleep right away. I also feel more energetic an less tired after work.

I was given muscle relaxers and pain medication. I stopped taking them after the first week of treatment. Now I live life pain free. I'm able to play soccer and golf more often.

I am back to Phoenix  again so I will definitely begin my decompression therapy again.



I started my treatments with Dr. Todd because I was in a motor vehicle accident. I have really improved since I started my treatments. I am now able to touch my toes and sleep through the night.

My energy has increased so much that I am now able to workout everyday for one hour and work out three times a week with a trainer. My range of motion has improved 100%. I thank God for Dr. Todd and his care, concern and compassion



When I first came to Dr. Todd I couldn't walk because my knee was so swollen. This was causing problems with my hips. I couldn't sleep and any position was uncomfortable, I never had a resting time.

 Right after the second week I knew I was in the right place because since then I was able to walk and work without difficulty. Later my primary doctor told me I had Carpal Tunnel in my wrists and my only option for my pain was surgery. I told Dr. Todd and he helped me get rid of that surgery that was making me so nervous.

Thanks to Dr. Todd's treatment, No Carpal Tunnel surgery was needed! Thank you Dr. Todd.



When I first came to the clinic I was suffering from neck, shoulders and back pain, headaches and lack of sleep. I was taking muscle relaxers and pain killers to relieve pain due to a severe car accident.

Now I can move faster, sleep better and my energy has increased. I'm able to work pain free not feeling as tired and what's better is "No more pain pills!"



When I first came to Dr. Todd with back pain, I could hardly move. After a few sessions and therapy I couldn't believe how great I felt.


Testimonial by Toni J.

I've been coming to Dr. Sembaluk in 2009 before moving to California. I had lumbar spinal stenosis. I couldn't walk real well; I couldn't bend over to do any gardening. Since then we have had done the decompression therapy and it helped a lot. 

Now I can do a whole half of yard of gardening last Saturday and went swimming afterward and didn't feel bad Sunday or Monday since. 

I am back to Phoenix  again so I will definitely begin my decompression therapy again.


Testimonial by Sarah M.

I had a car accident three years ago and I was suffering from chronic back pain for years. A couple of my discs were dislocated and everyday activities had become very difficult and painful. I had searched many clinics and doctors and surgeons in around Phoenix and Glendale, AZ. The treatments they were offering my was whether too risky or expensive until I found Maryvale Chiropractic. 6 months ago I had my last day of treatment and I felt completely rejuvenated . I have no pain whatsoever, and my energy has increased dramatically as my body is not trying to fight the pain and heal the injury anymore. I'm a much healthier person!


Testimonials in Spanish


siempre estarán en mi lista de recomendaciones.

          Vine con el Dr. Todd después de que un camion me pego al lado de mi Jeep. Tenía daños en mi cuello y espalda. El Dr. Todd me curo y me puso de regreso al trabajo rápidamente. Después otro camion me pego por atrás. Mis Dolores eran más intensos. Después de 17 sesiones yo aun tenia dolor. Me estaba desanimando. El doctor me explico que mis daños tomarían unas semanas mas y mas ajustes para sanar. ¡El estaba en lo correcto! Ahora me siento genial y ya no despierto con dolor. Gracias Dr. Todd y a su personal, siempre estarán en mi lista de recomendaciones.


El tratamiento quiropráctico también me ayudado a entender mas como trabaja mi cuerpo

          Empecé tratamiento con el Dr. Todd por un accidente de auto. Tenía mucho dolor. Mi cuello me dolia y tenía jaquecas muy intensas. No podía moverme, agacharme ni trabajar. Ahora ya puede moverme normalmente y ahora puedo dormir mejor. Mi energía ha aumentado desde que empezaron mis ajustes. El tratamiento quiropráctico también me ayudado a entender mas como trabaja mi cuerpo y lo que sucede cuando se accidenta.


puedo caminar mejor y dormir bien

           Cuando vine a la oficina del Dr. Todd, tenía mucho dolor de cuello, de cabeza y de espalda por una caída. Ahora tengo mas enegía, puedo caminar mejor y dormir bien. Antes de venir aquí tomaba 1-2 Anacin por dia y Tylenol Artritis cada noche. Ahora estoy mejor gracias al Dr. Todd y a su personal.



          Después de mi accidente de auto, vine con el Dr. Todd con mucho dolor de cuello. En 3 cortos meses el dolor de mi cuello desapareció junto con el de espalda que sufrí por 10 largos años. Mis migrañas crónicas han mejorada, son menos frecuentes y menos intensas. El Dr. Todd a logrado mas en 3 meses que lo que mi ultimo quiropráctico en 4 años.


Ahora puedo trabajar horario completo! 

          Yo empecé a venir a tratamiento con el Dr. Todd porque me lastime en el trabajo. Tenia muy fuerte el dolor en mi espalda alta y baja. No podía trabajar mis horas regulars sin sentir dolor.

¡Ahora puedo trabajar horario completo, puedo dormir mejor y mi energía ha aumentado! ¡Gracias Dr. Todd!


Tengo Energía para disfrutar a mi familia 

          La primera vez que vine a esta oficina sufría de dolor de espalda, cuello y jaquecas. No podia mover mi cuello ni dormir. Después del tratamiento puedo dormir mejor y mi energía ha aumentado. Yo estaba tomando Ibuprofen de 800mg., ahora ya no las necesito. Ahora puedo caminar con mi hijo, sacar a mi perro y disfrutarlo. ¡Ahora tengo energía para disfrutar a mi familia! 



          Yo vine a esta oficina por un fuerte accidente de auto. Yo sufri intenso dolor de cuello y espalda. No podía jugar golf sin sentir dolor y también no podía dormir bien. Ahora puedo jugar golf, estoy más relajado y duermo mejor. Me siento con mas energía y menos cansado después del trabajo. Yo esta tomando medicamento para relajar los músculos y para el dolor y deje de tomarlos depués de la primera semana del tratamiento. Ahora vivo mi vida sin dolor y puedo jugar soccer y golf mas frecuente.



          Cuando empecé con el Dr. Todd no podia caminar por la hinchazón de mi rodilla. Esto estaba causando  problemas con mi cadera. No podia dormir y ni una posición era cómoda, nunca tenía descanso. Después de la segunda semana supe que estaba en el lugar correcto porque desde entonces pude caminar y trabajar sin dificultad alguna. Después mi doctor de cabecera me dijo que tenia Carpal Tunnel en mis manos y que la única opción para deshacerme del dolor en mis muñecas era una cirugía. Le comente al Dr. Todd y ¡gracias a su tratamiento el me ayudo a librarme de la cirugía que me tenia tan nerviosa!  



          Yo empecé mis tratamientos con el Dr. Todd porque estuve en un accidente de auto. Yo he mejorado desde que incie mis tratamientos. Ahora me es posible tocar mis dedos de los pies y dormir toda la noche. Mi energía ha aumentado tanto que ahora me es posible ejercitarme todos los días por una hora y 3 veces por semana con un entrenador. Mi movimiento ha mejorado un 100%. Yo agradezco a Dios por el cuidado, preocupación y compasion del Dr. Todd. 



          La primera vez que vine a esta clínica sufría de dolor de cuello, hombros y espalda, jaquecas y no dormía bien. Estaba tomando relajadores de músculos y pastillas para el dolor para sentirme mejor por un grave accidente de auto. Ahora puedo moverme rápido, dormir mejor y mi energía ha aumentado. Puedo trabajar sin dolor y sin sentirme tan cansada y lo mejor de todo “¡No mas pastillas para el dolor!"    


No Podía Creer lo bien que me sentía! 

          La primera vez que vine con el Dr. Todd con dolor de espalda, no podía ni moverme. Después de alguna sesiones y terapia no podía creer lo bien que me sentí.      

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